1.   Contests: To participate in our Facebook contest, we may require you to register and provide us with personal information or other information including a first name, last name, and email address.

2.   This Privacy Policy
applies to any Facebook contest that we may administer online including, but not limited to, contests via Facebook, Instagram, or other social media or digital platforms.

We will use the information that you provide to us for purposes including administering the contest; sending you special offers; purposes disclosed at the time of registration; other marketing materials; alerting you if you’ve won a prize from the contest; information related to collecting your prize, etc.

4.   Promotional Emails:
Through entering this contest, you may receive promotional emails from us. We may also ask if you’d like to receive other promotional emails from us during any contest registration process. If you ever wish to stop receiving promotional emails, you may select the opt-out provision within any of our emails.

5. Winners agree
to provide us with, or allow us to share, contest related photos and media to our various marketing platforms.

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